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The Sandyglass™ team thought and designed a Hypnotizing Sandglass to provide a feeling of well-being as soon as it is observed; ideal for a living room, a library or an office.

Thanks to the mixture of sand and flakes, it diffuses positive waves by its soothing presence. It empties slowly creating shapes that can remind you of mountains, the ocean or even clouds.


No more mundane decorations!

✅ Soothes and relaxes in a few minutes
✅ Original and futuristic design
✅ Craft manufacturing
✅ Concentration aid
✅ Variety of colors to suit everyone

With Sandyglass™, the surprise is big for the guests!


Created in 1978, Sandyglass™ is the result of a passion for art and the natural elements that make up the planet. After dozens of tests, David Wilson commercializes what he will call initially "the Hourglass of the elements".

Made from Miami sand and glitter, it creates a mixture never before seen with multiple virtues.


For the past few weeks, customers have been reporting scams that have surfaced on the net using our products.

These are certainly ephemeral sites that are independent of ours and on which we have no influence. Often poorly cut and of poor quality, these items are usually broken after a few days.